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Quick and easy to use tube tail cutter. Wait until tubes have cured before cutting the tails. We like to wait 24 hours before cutting. One careful hit with a dead blow mallet is all it takes.

The blades should be kept lubricated with a little worm oil.

Blades are 2.375 inches wide (~60mm)

Tube Tail Cutter

Item Code Description Notes Price
63-1085 Complete Tail Cutter - including 10 Blades Assembled - Ready to use $99.99

($100 CAD = ~ $75 USD)
All prices in Canadian dollars. None discountable.

Tail Cutter Spacers (10 Pack)

Blade Block with Set Screws

5 Inch Aluminum Handle

Arbor Press HDPE Plate

Arbor Press Plate installed
on Arbor Press.

Tube Tail Cutter Individual Parts

Item Code Description Notes Price
63-1086 Steel Blade Spacers (10 Pack) 0.062" Thick Steel Spacers (10 Pack) $19.99
63-1087 Blade Holder Block (No Blades) Block with 2 set screws $39.99
63-1088 Aluminum Handle 5 inch handle with set 1 screw $29.99
63-1089 Arbor Press HDPE Plate 5in x 5in Cutting plate
with 1/4in locating pin


Only takes a few minutes to cut a few dozens tubes.

Blade Holder Blocks for Pneumatic Air Cylinder NEW!!

Dual Pneumatic Tube Cutter
(Pneumatic Cylinder and Controls not shown)

These blocks have a M16x1.5 threaded hole which is compatible with most SC50x100 and SC63x100 Pneumatic Cylinders. Use this to make your own DIY pneumatic tube tail cutter. Check the threads on your pneumatic cylinder before ordering. We will also have aluminum machined plates to aid in the building of your own pneumatic tube cutter. Ask us for plans. 

Available in single (cuts one tube) or double (cuts 2 tubes at once).

If modifying a pneumatic can crusher, a pressure regulator must be installed to control the piston speed. Please note that extreme caution must be used when using any pneumatic tube cutter.

Single Tube Blade Holder Block
with M16x1.5 Thread. Includes 2 set screws.

Double Tube Blade Holder Block
with Cylinder Mounting Block. Includes 4 set screws.

We use the SC63x100 pneumatic cylinder with a 100 mm (~4 inch) stroke on our in-house pneumatic tube cutter.

Item Code Description Notes Price
63-1086 Steel Blade Spacers (10 Pack) Additional Steel Spacers (10 Pack) $19.99
63-1091 Blade Holder Block (No Blades) NEW!! Single Block with 2 set screws
with M16x1.5 threaded hole.
63-1092 Double Blade Holder Block
(No Blades) NEW!!
Double Block with 4 set screws
and Cylinder Mounting block M16x1.5 threaded hole.

All Prices in Canadian Dollars
$1 USD = ~$1.35 CAD
(ie $100 CAD = ~ $75 USD)


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