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High levels of lead in the body have been associated with serious health problems. There is disagreement within the scientific community about at what level exposure to lead is hazardous, but there is no disagreement that high levels of lead absorbed into the body is harmful.

Lead poisoning is an accumulative effect caused by taking in more lead into the body than it can expel. Most adult exposure to lead has been through airborne emissions from auto fuel, through lead glazed china ware, and through drinking water carried in leaded pipes.

Steps have been taken to reduce exposure through these means. The tackle maker has minor exposure to lead hazards, but care should be exercised when working with lead just the same.

  1. Melt lead in a well ventilated area and exhaust fumes to the outside. Air movement that is sufficient to carry away the wisp of smoke from an extinguished match is generally considered sufficient ventilation. Lead melts at 621 degrees (F). When lead is molten, it releases minute amounts of vapors at a progressive rate as temperatures are increased. Harmful levels of lead vaporization is believed to occur at elevated temperatures above 1800 degrees (F). Only lower temperatures between 700-800 degrees are normally needed to cast lead hobby parts. Most melting equipment sold to hobbyists will not raise temperatures much above 900 degrees. Minimize vaporization by operating melters at the lowest temperature that gives good results.
  2. Before eating or smoking, always wash your hands after handling raw lead so that lead dust is not transferred from your hands to food or tobacco products that could be ingested.
  3. Small children are the most lead sensitive segment of the population. They are also inclined to put small objects in their mouths. Keep small children away from your work area.
  4. Keep your work area clean.



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