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POWDER PAINT AIR BRUSH - Applying Powder Paint has never been easier!

Download pdf PSG Instruction Sheet
Click to download

LureMaking.com has just made applying our Heat & Dip Powder Paints easier than ever! Heat & Spray with amazing air brush effects such as lines, patterns, splashes, two-tones etc. Quickly and easily paint one or two sides of all your spinner blades, spoons, spinnerbait heads and any other metal parts you want painted. Even apply amazing glitter effects in minutes, all with no dry time. It's fun, fast and easy...

NOW 57 Available Colours
 Heat & Dip Powder Paint

Powder Paint Starter Kits 
Regular Colours
Fluorescent Colours
Super Glow Colours
Transparent Metallic Colours
Top Coat Glitter Colours
Glow in the Dark Colours

  • Kit # 75-30-22 includes one Powder Paint Air Brush, one 8 foot air hose, and one empty glass jar.

Power Paint Air Guns are currently "SOLD OUT".
ETA will be posted as soon as we know when they are

Item Code

Description Hose Length
Number of Jars Price each Price 3+
75-30-22 Powder Paint Air Gun Kit 8 feet 1 SOLD OUT -
75-30-05 Extra Empty Glass Jar 90ml (~4 floz) w/lid* - - $3.49 -

* Same glass jar as included with the Air Gun.


Use these handy manifolds when using two or more Powder Paint Air Guns or regular airbrushes. Saves having to change paint colours when painting your lures multiple colours. Manifolds may be ganged to increase the number of ports using additional npt fitting. 3 port manifolds are no longer available.

Item Code Description Use with Price
75-30-50 2 Port Manifold (includes 2 NPT fittings) 2 Air Guns $15.99
75-30-52 4 Port Manifold (includes 4 NPT fittings) 4 Air Guns $26.99
75-30-55 Extra NPT Fitting -- $3.99

Instructions for using the Powder Paint Air Brush

  1. Warm part to be painted in a preheated oven at 350-400 degrees F for 5 minutes. A small propane torch can also be used by holding the part with needle nose pliers or by hanging on a fine wire and moving back and forth over flame for a few seconds. 
  2. Immediately after heating, hold or hang part sideways to allow spraying in a sweeping motion.
  3. The powder will adhere immediately and flow out to a smooth finish. If metal has cooled to the point where powder does not flow out completely, return piece to the oven or wave back side of piece over torch flame until desired effect is achieved. More paint can be added as necessary. For maximum durability, hang piece in oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees F.
  4. Unused powder can be left in covered jars. To change colours, simply blow out plastic tube and attach new jar. Fill jars only half full for best results. Glass jars (available seperately - item # 75-30-05) may be attached directly to the Spray Gun. To eliminate dust, work in front of a cardboard box, lying on its side, with a shop vac hose inserted into the lower back corner of the box. The air flow created by the shop vac will keep powder in the box.
  5. Always use in a ventilated area. Using a respirator is always recommended when spraying powder paint..

What Air Compressor Do I Need?

The Powder Paint Air Gun requires air pressure of to 1 cfm at 5 to 10 PSI. Almost any compressor car be used, even the smallest one gallon tanked compressor is more than adequate for use with four guns. 

A pressure regulator may be needed if your compressor's regulator can not reduce the air pressure to  between 5 and 10 psi.

Large tanked compressors may need a water filter or other air dryer to ensure water droplets do not enter the gun and moisten the powder paint.

Do I Need a Water Filter?

You can perform a simple test to see if your compressor needs a water filter. Attach your new unused (or clean) powder spray gun to your compressor's hose and lightly spray air onto a sheet of printer paper directly from your powder spray gun Look for any moisture forming or sticking to the paper. If you can see moisture on the paper sheet you may need a water filter.

Tips to Reduce Water Droplets Entering Your Powder Air Gun?

  1. If your compressor has a tank - drain the water from your compressor's tank daily.
  2.  Add a water filter to your compressor.

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