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Making Your Own

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Before We Begin

Before we jump into the fun stuff lets go over a few basic necessities of lure making. It is extremely important that you have a few basic tools. The following is a guide to deciding which tools you need, before you begin, based on the types of lures you will be building.

Spinners are by far the most popular lures used in Canada.

  Production Volume
Required Tools Low Medium High
Needle / Round Nose Pliers Yes Yes Yes
Wire Cutters Yes Yes Yes
Split Ring Pliers* Optional Yes Yes
Wire Forming Tool† Optional Optional No
Commercial Tackle Maker‡ No Optional Yes

* Split ring pliers are only required if you decide to attach the hook using a split ring.
† The Wire Forming Tool will only form wire under 0.026" used on smaller spinners.
‡ Not required for making Spinner Baits or Buzz Baits.

Casting and Trolling Spoons
Spoons require only a pair of split ring pliers to quickly assemble. You will also need a sharp knife if you will be applying lure tape.


Live Bait Harnesses
Simple but effective lures. These only require a line cutter if using monofiliment or a pair of wire cutters being made of nylon coated wire. A crimping tool is used to crimp connection sleeves if you decide to use connection sleeves and nylon coated wire.

Production Volume
Required Tools Low  Medium High
Needle Nose Pliers Yes Yes Yes
Wire/Line Cutters Yes Yes Yes
Crimping Too Yes Yes Yes



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