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Making Your Own

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.Monster Bucktail Trebles!

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Adding First Collar of Bucktail!

Step 1: You will tie three small bunches of hair on top of
the hackle you just tied onto the hook. One bunch will be tied
between each of the shanks. If the head cement you
applied earlier has dried apply a little more now...

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Step 2:: Using your scissors, cut a small bunch of bucktail from
your bucktail. It is important to remember to ensure the bunches
are not to large.

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Step 3: Place the first bunch of hair between the first two shanks
and slowly wrap two or three loose wraps of thread around the hook
and hair. Using your fingers distribute the hair evenly and wrap six
to seven more wraps but apply more pressure this time so the
is now held snuggly by the thread.

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Step 4: Trim all the excess hair in front of your wraps with your
scissors. Trim close as possible to the thread.

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Step 5:: After you have trimmed the hair in front of your wraps
of thread your hook should look something like this...

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Step 6:: Work plenty of head cement into each small bunch
of hair after it has been ties on and trimmed.

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Step 7::Rotate your hook and cut another small bunch of hair
and tie it between the second and third shank just you tied on the
first small bunch of hair.

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Step 8:: Repeat the process between the third and first shank.

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Step 9:: Apply several more wraps of thread, trim excess hair,
and work more head cement in the last bunch of hair.

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First collar now complete!

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  1. Building the bed and applying the hackle.

  2. Building the first collar.

  3. Building the second collar.

  4. Finishing the treble.


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