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Making Your Own

How To Make-Index
Introduction to Lure Making
In-Line Spinner
Balsa Crankbait
Bucktail Treble
Casting Jigs & Lures
Powder Painting
Trolling Spoon

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Lure Maker's Workshop

Making you own lures is not only easy it's fun. You'll save up to 90%, hundreds of dollars a year for most anglers, by making your own tackle. It is the only way you are sure to get the exact lures you need to catch those trophies. Start customizing every aspect of all your lures today! ...colour, weight, size, finish etc. You may even decide to make a few dollars by making lures to sell to your fishing buddies.

Click on the lure to see the step by step lure assembly instructions.

This link will become active soon! Click to view how to make a French spinner. Click to Tye Your Own Bucktails!

Lure Making Tools
Spinner blades
Spinner Bodies
Other Components


In-Line Spinners

Elements of a Spinner
Basic Spinner Assembly
Bucktail Spinners
French Spinners
Fast Current & Deep Water Spinners
Sonic Spinners
Drift Spinners
Willowleaf Spinners
Un-weighted Spinners
Weight Forward Spinners

Bucktail Trebles & Jigs

Elements of a Bucktail
Building the Bed
The First Collar
The Second Collar
Finishing the Treble
Tandem Bucktails

Click to view how to pour your own jigs. Click to Assemble Your Own Spoons!
Casting Lead

Required Tools
The Molds
Lead Sources
Before You Begin Casting
Melting Lead
Casting Lead


Elements of a Spoon
Spoon Styles
Spoon Painting
Spoon Taping
Spoon Doctoring
Making a Rattler
Final Assembly

Powder Painting Components

Required Tools
Powder Painting Jigs
Powder Painting Spinnerbaits
Powder Painting Spoons & Blades
Applying Two-Tones
Applying Eyes
Oven Curing

Make your own Musky Bucktails

Required Parts and Components
Required Tools
Parts and Components
Tying the Primary Skirt
Tying the Secondary Skirt
Assembling Your Spinner
Bending the Final Loop






The purpose of the Lure Makers Workshop is to help you, our friends and customers, learn tricks of making your own lures quickly so that you can save big $$$ and spend more time fishing or even making a few dollars if you decide to sell a few of your own lures. We understand with all the thousands of different lure components, tackle components, and lure building parts we stock it can become confusing so we have tried to make the instructions easy to follow and understand.

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